Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuweep Metropolitan Area

Tuweep is the name for the primitive area on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon that is only accessible by those willing to negotiate difficult roadways. The area where you can look down into the Canyon is usually called Toroweap. This is what the National Park Service has to say about the whole area:
A visit to Tuweep, a road accessible primitive area, can be very rewarding; however, access is challenging and demands skill at negotiating difficult roadways. 
The National Park Service preserves the area for its uncrowded, rustic, and remote experience. This experience is dominated by nature and solitude. The number of visitors is limited at peak times of the year. Improvements are minimal and services are non-existent. There is no water, gas, lodging, or food. There is NO telephone or cell coverage at Tuweep/Toroweap.

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