Friday, July 6, 2018

The Wall

There was a period the focus of my life was on the war in Vietnam. I spent many years in the U.S. Army, that included two years stationed in Panama. But a series of events kept me from serving in Vietnam. Even though I did not serve there, many of my friends from that time period of my life and earlier did go to Vietnam. I still feel a profound sadness when I see the Wall. This is still and will always be for me, the heart of Washington, D.C.


  1. James, I didn’t know you had been in the Army. I had planned to make it a career and was supposed to have gone to get my Doctorate and then go to Panama. They pulled the orders at the last minute and were sending me to Korea. I had been married for seven years and had been home for eighteen months so I said that I would serve to the end of my commitment, which was six months. I had been approved for a regular Army commission but I was young and foolish and let that go. Because I could not be sent to Korea for six months, I ended up as the Deputy Commandant of the Armed Forces Entrance and Examination Station in Phoenix until my discharge. I spent two full tours in Vietnam ant several months on temporary duty there and in Thailand. I was also on temporary duty in other “friendlier “ parts of the world. I have many friends whose names are on the Wall along with the name of my eldest brother who was killed in April of 1969. Thank you for your post and for your service.

    1. We will have a lot to talk about when we get together. Hopefully soon after we return to Provo.