Monday, July 9, 2018

A Dragonfly

This is a male Blue Dasher dragonfly or Pachydiplax longipennis. Here is a short description from Wikipedia: Blue dasher.
The blue dasher (Pachydiplax longipennis) is a dragonfly of the skimmer family. It is very common and widely distributed through North America and into the Bahamas.

Although the species name longipennis means "long wings", their wings are not substantially longer than those of related species. Females do, however, have a short abdomen that makes the wings appear longer in comparison. The blue dasher grows up to 25–43 mm long (1-1.5 in).

The males are easy to recognize with their vibrant blue color, yellow-striped thorax, and metallic green eyes. Females are somewhat less colorful than the male, an example of sexual dimorphism. While they have a matching yellow-striped thorax, their abdomen has a distinct brown and yellow striping that sets them apart from the male, along with contrasting red eyes. Both sexes develop a frosted color with age.
This photo evidently shows an older male. We like dragonflies because they eat mosquitos. 

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