Saturday, January 20, 2018

US Naval Academy Chapel, Annapolis, Maryland

One of the most prominent buildings in the older downtown section of Annapolis, Maryland is the Naval Academy Chapel. Here is a short description of the history of the Chapel from the United States Naval Academy website.
The iconic dome and architecture of the Naval Academy Chapel is known throughout the entire Annapolis region as a point of pride in the state capital's spectacular skyline. It is visible throughout the greater Annapolis area and the Naval Academy Yard as a beacon calling midshipmen, alumni, friends, faculty and staff to a point of deeper faith. 
The Naval Academy Chapel pulpit has been used by many great preachers in our chaplain corps and beyond. Although the current pulpit was not installed until a renovation in 1943 it is still notable that the renowned pastor and future Chaplain to the US Senate, Peter Marshall, spoke from the previous pulpit in this same location on Sunday December 7th, 1941 - only hours before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor; he was not actually appointed to the position of Chaplain to the US Senate until 1947. He changed the subject of his sermon at the last minute to a subject much more reflective of the realities that were about to transpire as a result of that eminent attack, which ultimately lead to the class of 1942 graduating in 1941 to support the war efforts.

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