Thursday, May 18, 2017

The California Coast at La Jolla

Califonia has many beautiful areas that provide spectacular views, but the overriding impression one gets from a visit is the traffic and the people. La Jolla is a good example. It a lovely spot to visit, but the narrow streets are jammed with traffic and parking is a nightmare. You find the same mix of beauty and terror in most of the larger population centers of the state and certainly surrounding the more popular attractions. For a rather dramatic contrast, you can go to Canada. In Canada, all the beaches are owned by the government and public access is assured. In California and as I have seen in Florida, you can be only a short distance from the beach and be unable to see it due to the solid line of privately constructed buildings with signs saying that the beach is off limits and private. But it is nice to get above all that and have a panoramic view like the one above.

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