Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Cooking Breakfast

Of course, I was not cooking breakfast. I don't cook. I get up early and take photographs. When I got back to camp, I did get to eat because the rest of the family got up a lot later and got breakfast. It is a remarkable experience to see the way that the light changes during the day. As I sit and review my photos on my computer at home, I can look out the window and see a thick forest of trees. There are plum trees, maples, box elders, oaks and some I am still meaning to look up and identify. But what is impressive is the way that the light changes on the leaves during the day. Since I live right next to a steep hill and in the shadow of the mountains, the sun does not "rise" until late in the morning. But I do get the last rays of light in the evening. Here in this photo, I was standing across the lake from the campfire. At first, I thought that the smoke was a fog or haze, but after I looked at the photo, I realized it was a campfire. I liked the way the trees and the smoke were reflected in the lake. I hope you can imagine being there.

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