Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What passes as lawn

OK, I realize that this isn't the most dramatic or beautiful photo in my collection. But this is Walking Arizona and part of what we have in Arizona is weird lawns. Some people grow what most people around the country have for lawns in the winter, but during most of the year we rely on Bermuda Grass or some of the alternatives. The so-called Winter lawns die off in the early spring from the heat.

This is dichondra. A smallish plant with round leaves that grows like a weed in our lawns. If there is enough water and shade, the dichondra will take over the entire lawn. It is nice and green, but has a tendency to die almost instantly if it runs out of a constant water supply in the summer. Bermuda grass is an invasive weed but will grow almost anywhere, under almost any conditions. But it will die out if it is shaded. Dichondra, with its tiny little round leaves, provides just enough shade to kill out the Bermuda grass once the dichondra is established. Hmm. There is probably a lesson there somewhere.

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