Friday, August 12, 2011

The heart of the earth

I have spent a good deal of my life climbing mountains and exploring caves. Whenever we pass a cave, we cannot resist spending the time to go exploring or take the tour. We recently went to the Crystal Cave in Sequoia National Park. It turned out to be a very nice cave at the end of a longer than usual walk. Taking pictures in caves in an entirely different matter. The pictures seldom come out like you hope, but this is one of Crystal Cave that did come out well.


  1. Caves are fascinating, but it's easy to see why people get lost in them. Recently I hiked into the Lava tube near Flagstaff. Originally I was a little resentful of the other hikers in there with me, but they actually helped me find my way out. It's a simple cave, but it has some spots that go in circles . . .

  2. To me it's unknown world. It seems a daunting challenge.