Thursday, March 9, 2017

Early Word Processor

This is an L. C. Smith #8 Typewriter from around 1919. This one is not in particularly good condition. You might recognize the company's more modern name: Smith Corona and even later to SCM. Here is a short early history of the company from Wikipedia:
The Smith Premier Typewriter Company was established in 1886 by brothers; Lyman Cornelius Smith, Wilbert Smith, Monroe C. Smith and Hurlbut Smith who were born in Lisle, New York 
Eldest brother, Leroy Smith, invented the Peerless typewriter in 1891, which "greatly resembled" the Smith-Premier. It had the same double keyboard with 76 characters and also had "blind type" so the typist could not see what was being printed.
 This rather dilapidated example of the typewriter was found in the Augusta Museum of History.

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