Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A Disturbing Sight

It can be rather disconcerting, to find an article in the museum that you were using not that long ago. This Apple IIc was a popular item not that many years ago. At the time, I was anApple retail computer dealer and we sold hundreds of these computers. There are probably quite a few of these tucked away in attics and basements but technology changes so fast that even an innovative product such as this one is quickly out of date and apparently now consigned to museums.I found this one in the Augusta, Georgia Museum of History.


  1. 2 of my machines are supposed to be in a museum, not sure if they ever go there via a 3rd party. PC from my old CP/M days .... top of the line in those days (circa early 1980s), dual floppys, 300 baud modem, 10 MB external HD, Green phosphorus monitor, expanded to 256K memory ..... running ROOTS/M by Commsoft .... those were the days .....

    1. We had so many computers, we got rid of them over the years. I assume like most things, if we had kept one of each we could now retire. Oh, I already retired, there went that idea.

  2. Our first was and Apple II E and we used it mostly for educational software for the kids. We had just had our nephew come to stay and live with us and he was a "computer nerd" so we got it so he would be able to use it and he taught our kids to use the computer educational software we got for it.