Friday, February 24, 2017

Ghost Town: Mammoth, Utah

Mammoth, Utah should really be classified as a semi-ghost town. There are still a few people living out here. This is a really isolated place and you would have to want to go to it to see it. Here is a quote about the site from the Wikipedia article on Mammoth, Utah.
The Mammoth Mine was discovered around the same time as the settlement of Eureka in February 1870. Miners rushed in and began a boomtown. The area was remote and the environment harsh; no water was to be found nearby. The mines piped in water for industrial use, but residents had to buy drinking water for ten cents a gallon.
Mines in the area around Mammoth produced ore, silver, and gold. The Mammoth Mine was in production for around seventy-five years. Considered part of the Tintic Mining District, with other communities and mines in the area, the area around Mammoth played a vital role in the mining economy of the Utah Territory and later the State of Utah.

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