Saturday, November 5, 2016

Viewed through the trees

Almost all of the commercial photography we see today has been carefully selected for a uniformly bright and clear view of the subject. In real life, as opposed to the fantasy world of commercial photography, or views are usually not so clear and unrestricted. From the standpoint of publication, this photo would be uniformly rejected by anyone trying to "sell" a photograph. But I find this type of image more interesting than the usual promotional landscape. I was standing next to this roaring stream, but due to the thickness of the vegetation, I was extremely limited in my ability to get a "clear shot" of the water. In addition to the obstruction of the trees, I was standing quite a distance from the water with a steep, very muddy bank between me and the open edge of the stream. It was also a completely overcast day with threatening rain. All of that, unfortunately, does not come through the photo, but nevertheless, the texture and color of the water and the contrasting color and texture of the trees is what this image is all about.

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