Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Bridging the River

You will have to look very carefully at this image to see what appears to be a tiny bridge over the water. The comparative size of this bridge, which is full-size highway bridge illustrates the vastness of this Southern Utah world of sandstone. The river is the Colorado and Dirty Devil rivers in the very upper reaches of Lake Powell. This is the area near the now nearly abandoned town of Hite, Utah where a ferry across the river was in operation until 1964.

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  1. I lived in Hanksville Utah ( southern Utah) as a young girl. We had friends who lived at Hite and visited them from time to time when the ferry was still in operation there. We had to cross the Dirty Devil to get to town (Hanksville), from the "airport housing" area where we lived as my father worked at the "airport". I went back 2 years ago to visit and the housing area is gone but the airport maintenance building is still there just like it was when I was growing up there and the Tac An building to, along with the airstrip and a few small planes. Living there was a while ago. The town has changed some but the church building (very old and 1 room) is still there and still used for community events. It is very old! They now have a new church building across the street and a new school where the old one was, next door to the old church. The school was an old 2 room school house, with outhouses (at the beginning - but new indoor toilets and sinks shortly put in after we got there, influenced by my parents, my mom being one of the new school teachers and principle, no more ditching school when "using" the outhouse! LOL This picture does bring back memories. Thanks.