Monday, September 26, 2016

A Cloudy and Snowy Day on the Mountains

After three days or so of rain in the Valley, the sky cleared and we could see the snow line on the mountains that surround us here in Utah Valley. This was the first real snow of the season, discounting a brief skiff of snow on the mountain tops with the last rain storm. The weather is supposed to warm up and I suppose that most of this new snow will melt rather quickly. But we are now in the season when the storms start coming down from the northwest and the snowpack in the mountains will not melt again until next Spring. We started dragging out our warm clothes and getting ready for more snow. It is an interesting experience to once again, in my old age, return to seasons after living for so many years in the low deserts of Arizona.


  1. Is this Mt. Timpanogos? So pretty! Let's hope it doesn't snow at Rootstech!

    1. Yes, this is Mount Timpanogos. February is a good time for snow in Salt Lake City.