Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Mountain Snow

The last few days we have had rain and rain mixed with snow. For the first time this season, the mountains have been covered with snow. We even had a skiff of snow cover the lawns and some of the rooftops. The temperatures dropped to almost freezing so it was touch and go whether or not the roads would start freezing and the snow would start sticking to the roads. The clouds were so low that the mountains were hardly visible but when the weather cleared up, they were coated with snow. Then it got warm quickly and most of the snow in the lower elevations melted. The snow level stayed at about 8000 or so feet up the mountains. We live so far up the side of the mountain that it was snowing when I left the house and by the time I drove for two minutes down the hill the snow had stopped and the sky was almost clear. This morning all the snow around our house had melted except for the persistent cold area next to the mountain the is in perpetual shade this time of year.

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