Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Blue and Red Hills of the Painted Desert

If I were going to choose one photo that most characterized what I think of when I think of "home," this would be a likely candidate. Although I am very happy to be living next to a mountain, I still retain an affinity with the nearly flat, wide open, Colorado Plateau. This part of the Plateau is commonly called the Painted Desert. When I was young, we lived near some of these bentonite hills and we called them the "Blue Hills" because they really were blue. This section has more red than blue. I would not hesitate at all to walk out into this countryside and carefully study the ground for pieces of petrified wood and other treasures. Of course, this photo was taken inside what is now the Petrified Forest National Park and I wouldn't be picking up any such treasures. But, the Park in only a small part of the huge Plateau and I can still find areas to search.

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