Sunday, July 19, 2015

Cameron Falls, Waterton Lakes National Park

This is Cameron Falls. This spectacular waterfall is located almost in the middle of the town of Waterton in the Waterton Lakes National Park. It is a popular place to take photos primarily because it is so accessible and visible. Its characteristic shape is highly recognizable. We stopped here on our last day in Waterton and I took a series of photos as we were leaving. We talked about how we could reproduce this "water feature" in our backyard, but decided that it would be too much of an effort. You can see the that the waterfall is right at the juncture of two overlapping rocks strata. Oh, by the way, there is more than one waterfall in Canada with the name "Cameron Falls." This is the more accessible and famous one. These are sedimentary rocks and some of the oldest rocks, Precambrian bedrock over a billion years old, in the Canadian Rockies. See Geology and Geomorphology on

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