Friday, June 26, 2015

The Blooming of the Lilies

We are being constantly surprised at what is growing around our house in Provo, Utah. The house is surrounded by a nearly solid mass of plants and as the seasons progress, we are finding out that many of the plants have beautiful flowers. We have noticed the lilies blooming around the neighborhood and finally those next to our house began to bloom. We live very close to the side of the prehistoric Lake Bonneville Shoreline, commonly referred to as a "bench." That and the fact that we are right next to the mountains, puts us in the shade until mid-morning, even in the Summer. The snow takes its time melting and the flowers take their time blooming. These red lilies are spectacular. For quite a few years now, I have used three different cameras; my iPhone, a lower cost point-and-shoot and my Canon DSLR. You would have quite a time telling which one I used for which photos since at the resolution of the photos online, it is very difficult to tell the difference. Which camera took this shot? You guess. The iPhone? The Canon? or the new Sony HX400V?

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