Sunday, April 12, 2015

Waterpocket Fold, Capital Reef National Park, Utah

This is a panoramic shot of the Waterpocket Fold, an extensive geologic rock formation in Central Utah. Most of the Waterpocket Fold is in the Capital Reef National Park, stretching for more than a hundred miles. This is the east side of the Waterpocket Fold looking west. On this side, there is a steep slope with "V" shaped canyons along the face of the rock. These canyons catch water hence the name of the formation. The west side of the Waterpocket Fold is a huge vertical cliff. The whole formation is only a mile or two across but presents a formidable obstacle to east-west travel across Utah. We drove most of the length of the formation from north to south. In the area of Capital Reef National Park, the name "reef" came from the appearance of this rock formation. The rocks are different layers of sandstone. You may wish to click on the photo for a larger view.

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