Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Fancy Tulip

I am not sure when I became aware that fancy tulips existed. They certainly break out of the common mould of what we think about when we think about tulips. They are really called Fancy Frills Fringed Tulips. One of the things we learned when we moved here at the mouth of a large canyon and right across the street from the National Forest is that deer love to eat tulips. We had a large number in our yard and they all got eaten except for one yellow one that grew in a prickly bush. The deer don't seem to like daffodils, so we will concentrate on them. My hillside, out my window, where I work is all green now. The last holdout bare trees have finally gotten leaves and some of them have new flowers. Yesterday, the wind was blowing and seeds were blowing off of the trees. I guess they winter over and fall off in the Spring when they have a chance to grow new trees.

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  1. That variety is also known by another name - parrot. You should see the Angelica (or is it Angelina) variety which is multiple flowering from a single stem.