Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Dusting of Pollen

I went out yesterday into the warm Spring air and realized that it was thick with pollen. I don't think flowers like this one were the culprits, more likely were the other flowering plants and trees. It is ironic that I never knew I had hay fever when I was a child, I thought itchy eyes and a stuffy head were normal. I realized how different things could be and what everyone had been complaining about all those years when I lived in Panama. Surprisingly, where there were the most plants, in the jungle, I had no allergies and my nose and eyes cleared up for the first time in my life. There were many other reasons for not staying in Panama, so I came home to the dry, pollen-filled desert air. I did not escape the pollen here in Utah, I just got a different round of the same thing only in different months.

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