Friday, March 27, 2015

Out my Window -- Deer on the Wall

I guess I would have to say that moving from the low desert of Arizona to Utah makes me take a few adjustments to my perspective. This is a common sight now out any one of the windows of our house. I had to take this photo through the glass because if I moved too much or opened the door, the deer would take off in a flash and run up the hill. It doesn't seem to matter as to the time of day or the weather, they come and go as they please and eat any of the bushes or flowers or whatever they find tasty. Right at the moment, they look sleek and fat and seem to have survived the winter in good health. The other day, we found a dead deer laying next to one of the houses in the neighborhood. My guess is that it was hit by a car on the street outside of our tiny subdivision. There is always something to keep us interested. By they way, the deer love to eat tulips but leave daffodils alone.

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