Monday, March 2, 2015


I don't think that orchids have the appeal they once had. Not that they are any less spectacular, but now you see them, both real and artificial, in so many locations. They are even sold at Costco and other large stores. When I was much younger, the must give gift on Mother's Day and for high school proms, was an orchid. I still see flowers, but now, not so many are orchids. I think part of what is going on is an awareness of beauty of many types. Roses are still very popular and so are tulips. But not so much orchids.

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  1. Some of the Indoor Orchids have appeal in New Zealand. Last year on the Coromandel we found the High School students were buying a single orchid from the florist to wear as a corsage at the High School Balls Roses too are beautiful and the Iris is exquisite.