Sunday, January 18, 2015

Vista of Weaver's Needle

Weaver's Needle, located in the Superstition Mountains, is one of the most prominent and well-known landmarks in the entire State of Arizona. This is the classic view of the eroded volcanic core. It appears as one big rock, but in fact, it is actually three different needles separated by huge cracks. Weaver's Needle is mostly famous because of its association with the fabled Lost Dutchman Goldmine. When I was still in high school, along with two friends, I climbed the Needle and walked around on top for a while. Getting down was another matter, but I did manage to live through the experience to talk about it. Hiking from where I am standing, over to the base of the Needle is actually more difficult than climbing the Needle itself. You might notice the lone pine tree on the ridge. This view looks towards the Salt River Valley and the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area. But you cannot see any development in this photo. The day was cool and the sun was brilliant.

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