Friday, December 12, 2014

Old Mac SEs

This was only one of a series of Apple Macintosh computers I sold and worked on over the years. I am sure that my store, Mesa Computer Mart, sold dozens, if not hundreds, of this particular model. I could not resist this photo when I saw three of these old computers in a row, apparently, still in operation. I am pretty sure that this particular model would not connect to the Internet or run any of the current software. The Mac SE was introduced in March of 1987 and discontinued in October of 1990. This computer model had a space for an internal 20 MB or 40 MB hard drive and a second floppy disk drive. Later models could handle a 1.4 MB High Density (HDFD) floppy disk. Just to get an idea of what I am talking about, the photo I imported above is 15.2 MBs. In other words, with a 20 MB hard drive, this computer could store only this one photo. I recently saw a 4 Terabyte hard drive on sale at Costco for $119.00. That would be a 4,194,304 MB hard drive. Almost 4 million times as much memory as on one HDFD.

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  1. Remember "Fred Writer?" That was an old antique word processing software. I wonder what future family historians will say about present day FamilySearch? "Remember the old FamilySearch? Now that was a dinosaur family history program!"