Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Barnette's Landing, Fairbanks, Alaska

This is Barnette's Landing in Fairbanks, Alaska. Captain E. T. Barnette, a passenger on the Riverboat Lavelle Young, debarked near this site on 26 August 1901, and established a trading post which, 1902, became known as Fairbanks. I was surprised at the very pleasant weather in Fairbanks at the time of our visit and I was also surprised at how small the downtown area was. They had a number of very large buildings, most of which were government buildings and not much else. The city has a population of 32,000 or so, making it about the size making it about the size of Apache Junction, in Arizona or about the size of Tooele City, Utah. It is the second largest city in Alaska after Anchorage.

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