Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Wild Rose in the Rain

There are two things I will always remember about British Columbia and Alaska; the rain and the wild roses. When I was very little, we had a rose bush with roses like these at the front of our lot. It wasn't a pruned, civilized rose, it was a huge rambling mass of rose bush and flowers. When I saw the roses at the edges of the forests, they looked just the way I remembered them from my childhood. I decided long ago, that was the way I liked the whole world, sort of wild and unpruned. The rain was another story. Being from the desert, I don't seem to ever get tired of rain, but trying to take photographs in the rain is a real challenge. Fortunately, even though the camera was getting wet, I remembered to point the lens downward until I got the photo. You learn to take photos quickly when it is raining.

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