Saturday, May 24, 2014

Victoria Harbor

Victoria, British Columbia is an amazing city for a dedicated desert dweller. Not only is there all this water with large and small boats, but at the time I was standing under an umbrella in the middle of a rain storm. This picture really needs to be seen larger than what you can see in these reduced size photos. Click on the photo to enlarge it and then click again


  1. This is where I was born and raised (71 yrs). Rain storms sometimes, but usually there's a bit of a clearing in the afternoon - like yesterday, for instance when it rained in the morning, cleared up, clouded later on. Wear layers and a Gore-Tex waterproof jacket all the time. This is a rain forest area, so you might have seen all the green everywhere - trees of all kinds on most streets, on buildings, on the mountains just across the harbour... My home town and I love it. Hope you had a lovely visit here.

    1. Yes, we did. Thank you for your note. We stayed the night in Vancouver and then took the ferry over to the island. The Conference was in Parksville.

    2. James, I think you stayed the night in Victoria and this photo is Victoria Harbor.

    3. Old age? Working too fast and not thinking as fast as I am working? Corrected now I hope.