Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Flower and the Ant

Click on the photo to see the detail of the ant. Most of the time photographers try to achieve a hyper-realism in their photos. When you go to most of the photography websites, you will often see ads for retouching software that erases lines in faces and any blemishes. We get so used to seeing altered photos, we would not recognize the people depicted if they were standing right next to us. The same thing happens with landscape and other photos. I see the photos by other photographers and I can immediately tell that they are a better Photoshop user than photographer. Any photographic depiction is suspect. All photos lie either by the choice of what to include and what to exclude or by post-production manipulation. In the above photo, I purposely included the ant. This photo is about the ant on the flower. I could have easily erased the ant from the picture and you would have never known that it was there in the first place. What else is missing from the news photos and all the other photos you see each day?

Just so you can see what I mean, here is exactly the same photo, without the ant.

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  1. As you said, I understand the photo below lacks something. So it is difficult for common people to see the real image from the artistic one, isn't it?