Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Elfreth Alley

Elfreth Alley claims to be the oldest residential street in America. I guess that depends on how you define residential street, since Old Oraibi in Arizona has been around much, much longer. But this is very interesting place in downtown Philadelphia. When I was in high school, I took a class in mechanical drawing and learned about perspective drawing. This photo is a classic of perspective. The two stone tracks merge at the vanishing point and all the lines on the houses are parallel and also merge at the vanishing point.

I would rather spend time in this type of place than all the commercial attractions a city has to offer. I liked this much better than Macy's for example.


  1. I love the history in Philadelphia. My daughter spend a few days there a few summers ago. I like it because you can walk around the whole main part of the city.

    At that time those houses on Elfreths Alley were going for about 1 million each when they came up for sale. Another place I would recommend to visit is Eastern State Penitentiary. It has not been used since the 1970's and it very eerie.

  2. I love this cool and nostalgic atomosphere.