Monday, December 12, 2011


The universe is infinitely complex. Even something as common as a sagebrush plant holds the complexity of the universe. Some of the most famous abstract artists of the past have tried to create art out of the chaotic interplay of colors and light. Take Jackson Pollack for an example. But with all the genius and all the effort, not one of them could match the complexity of a little bush on the side of hill in the deserts of Utah. Why did I take this particular picture? When I look at a bush, or a tree, or a flower, I instantly see the design in the underlying arrangement of the elements of the scene. When I look through the viewfinder, I can move inches one way or another and tell if there is a picture or not. It is not a random, walking through the desert, snapping pictures sort of activity. Some views turn into a picture, most do not. Sometimes there are no pictures. If I look at a snapshot made by someone else, I can instinctively tell if it is a picture or a snapshot. With hundreds, perhaps thousands of images every day, every hour,  every minute, it is wonder I do not make more pictures.

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