Friday, October 28, 2011

The last of the bugs

I promise, this is the last of the bug pictures. I guess with bugs, if they left me alone, I would leave them alone. I only get into conflict with them when they invade my space in a way that I can't continue to ignore them. Like grasshoppers for example, they are just fine living their lives out in the fields, but when they decided to invade in huge numbers they become more than a minor nuisance. I remember being in Yuma, Arizona one day when their were drifts of grasshoppers against the walls of the buildings. Every once in a while we get a huge number here in Mesa also.

1 comment:

  1. Our grasshoppers look much different here in Central Florida. That guy looks like he's made out of copper! Hard to tell his actual size but he looks pretty big. We have some ugly fat yellow and brown grasshoppers here that are about 4 inches long, maybe a bit longer. Ick! I like the little green guys that are only about an inch long or less. More my speed.