Friday, July 1, 2011

Nutrioso and the Wallow Fire - Part Three

This picture is taken near one of the northern edges of the fire. The pine needles and ground cover are burned but most of the trees are intact. The colored ribbon on the tree was used by the fire fighters to mark various locations or to mark the way to turn on a road. The brown trees had branches close to the ground and therefore the fire and got burned and killed. Once the fire got to this part of the forest, it was easier to stop because of the lack of fuel. In many places where the fire fighters claim "containment" what they really mean is the fire has run out of fuel. Many years ago, it was common to burn the ditches to clear them of weeds every spring while the plants were still brown from Winter, but they always grew back in the summer. It is unlikely that in this type of burnt area, that the fire has killed the grass.

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