Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Amphitheater at Bryce Canyon

I decided it was time to return to the desert and the canyon country for a while. Utah has five National Parks and has been promoting them as tourist destinations for some time now. The state's campaign has been overwhelmingly successful in drawing huge crowds to these five parks. We have found that the visiter experience has been seriously degraded as a result of huge crowds and we are probably going to avoid some of the parks in the future during some times of the year. The interesting thing is that all you have to do is move a short distance off of the "beaten path" to find all the beauty and solitude you might desire. Bryce is a good example of a park that looks like rush hour on the freeway at some times and can be almost entirely empty at other times. However, some of the parks, like Zion and Arches are almost lost causes. But, there are so many other beautiful places to go, we will never run out of opportunities to visit them.

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