Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Jungle Luxury

Seeing a cactus is not that unusual for me. I took several photos of cactus plants this past week. But this photo from Hawaii looks unbelievably foreign to me. Taken on the island of Oahu, I can certainly say that I am not used to cactus plants that grow this tall or look quite so healthy. This photo is even more interesting because there are no native species of cactus that grow in Hawaii. In fact, cactus only grow naturally on the American continents. There is one species of cactus that migrated across the ocean to the African coast, but otherwise if you see a plant that looks like a cactus outside of the Americas, it is either imported or not a cactus.

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  1. Years ago we went to Hawaii and on the north side of the Big Island was a cattle ranch and they had a lot of cactus, and most were in bloom when we were there