Friday, November 23, 2012

Mystery Bird

Usually, after searching for a while, I can identify almost any bird. This is an exception. It is apparently a non-native to the United States and doesn't come up on any of the common bird lists. One thing I do know, that you can always find someone who knows almost everything on the Internet. So how about some help? Please leave a comment if you know what this is.

Later: Commentators responded: it is a Black-necked Swan, Cygnus melanocoryphus from South America. Not a local bird.


  1. It's a black necked swan I believe. Thanks for the posts.

  2. Have you tried Google image search. I tried to copy the photo but it would not let me do it.

    You can upload an image.

    1. Mystery solved, Black-necked Swan, Cygnus melanocoryphus

  3. I could tell it was a swan but I didn't know what kind.Wonder how it happened up here.