Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hedgehog Cactus

This smaller cactus, commonly known as the Hedgehog cactus, is fairly common in the Arizona Sonora Desert. In fact, it is so common that most people probably ignore it and avoid it as they would any cactus especially one with long sharp spines. Once a year this cactus shines. For a few days in the Spring, these cactus put on their own version of greeting the oncoming summer. I am always sad when I get too busy and miss the bloom times of these and other cactus. But, you can only take so many pictures of cactus flowers. Fortunately, I have yet to reach my limit of the number of pictures.


  1. Every cactus has time to be focused, doesn't it?

  2. As I sit at my computer doing genealogy research and look out the window guess what I see? A large lavender bloom on my hedgehog cactus!!! It is early this year. When I travel east towards Tucson the road winds through Saguaro National Monument Park West, the wildflowers are in full swing. They have been for a few weeks. I keep waiting for a cold snap to kill them off, but it hasn't happened. So, now the cactus are beginning to bloom and this particular hedgehog cactus is my "fig tree leaf" beginning to sprout, blooming before any others do. Thanks for the photos.