Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Hazy Canyon

On most of my recent visits to the Grand Canyon the air quality has been bad to worse.  There are two major causes of this problem, controlled burn forest fires and coal burning generator plants up wind of the Canyon. On some days the haze is so thick, you will have difficulty seeing across the Canyon. Unfortunately, both these conditions exist during the heavy tourist season time in the summer. Not much can be done about forest fires. If the Forest Service did not conduct controlled burns, then we would have even more destructive uncontrolled burns.

But there is no reason, given our present technology, to put up with smoke pouring out of 300 foot smoke stacks. Personally, I am not against industrialization at all, but a 1000 acre solar facility does not pollute the sky over the Grand Canyon. In today's world, pollution is a choice not an inevitable consequence.

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