Friday, July 29, 2011

A Triple Treat from the Arizona-Sonora Desert

There are some colors that cannot be duplicated. One reason is that the flowers' petals are not all the same color but a gradient. These flowers are so beautiful, they defy description. There is no way to comprehend the feeling that you get walking through the desert and seeing flowers of such superb color. One time I was driving at about 65 mph on the Plateau and saw a cactus flower. My wife was surprised (but only for about two seconds) when I slammed on the brakes and took off across the desert to take pictures of the flowers. Those flowers were not these ones, but they were just as spectacular.


  1. I'm sure these cute flowers are the same type as "Gold in the desert." Right?

  2. Nope, actually they are not. They are both Opuntias or prickly pear cactus, but they are different species.

  3. Thank you. I can learn a lot about cactus from your blog.